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  • 23. april - 24. april 2014

    Regulation of Religion? Limits of Law? What Law Regulates What Religion?

    This workshop discusses how religion and law regulate and limit each other. Organised by Fremtidens danske religionsmodel (KU) and Global Dynamics, Cluster on Secularism (RUC) » Læs mere

  • 24. april 2014, kl. 13:00-14:00

    Sune Auken at ToRS

    The head of the PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities, Sune Auken, will visit ToRS Thursday 24 April at 1pm in the lunch room (10.3.28). » Læs mere

  • 25. april 2014, kl. 17.00-19.00

    New Perspectives on Korean History: the Role of Elite Descent Groups

    Korean Studies Seminar with Professor Martina Deuchler, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS, University of London. » Læs mere

  • 29. april 2014, kl. 1 pm-3 pm

    Settling Abroad: Organizing Migration in Antiquity

    At this event at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, the Copenhagen Associations Project will present five examples of migrant organization in private associations in Antiquity. Everyone is welcome! » Læs mere

  • 2. maj - 3. maj 2014


    Two day-PhD course at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. The proposed course will focus on the documentation of rituals in the research process and their interpretation, as well as the possible analytical frameworks across disciplines. Keynote speakers: Ronald Grimes, emer. Prof. Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada & Piotr Michalowski, Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, University of Michigan, USA. » Læs mere

  • 2. maj - 3. maj 2014

    Urban Life Across the Globe - Provincializing 'the Western Metropolis'

    The purpose of this mini-seminar is to inspire debates on how we can conduct nuanced and truly global studies of urban culture and politics. This can involve comparative urbanism, cross-regional and transnational perspectives as well as multi-disciplinary approaches – all aspects that we are seeking to nurture at the department. » Læs mere

  • 5. maj 2014, kl. 10:00-12:00

    Fieldwork in the Humanities

    Fieldwork in the Humanities Presentation by Andreas Bonde Hansen "When the Guys with the Money Choose the Method. Methodological challenges in a research project on utilization of heritage from Viking Age and high middle ages" » Læs mere

  • 6. maj - 7. maj 2014

    PhD Course: Environmental History and Identity

    Environmental dimensions of cultural beliefs and practices have become an important topic of research and inquiry over the past few decades, and have influenced our understanding of identity and society around the world. This has resulted in a growing appreciation that identity construction and behaviour is situated in the surrounding landscape, and much of this is linked to the development of Environmental History.
    Keynote speaker: Dr. Timothy P. Barnard, Associate Professor, Department of History, National University of Singapore » Læs mere

  • 8. maj - 9. maj 2014

    PhD course: Place in the Global South

    In recent decades, with increased scholarly attention to globalization and human mobility, place, both as a topic of investigation and as a conceptual framework, has gained a notable interest within the humanities and social sciences. People produce places by inscribing them with diverse content and meaning; emotions, historical and mythological events, political or religious ideologies. However, cultural, political, and development interventions embedded in certain power relations also produce places. Framed around two subthemes, this PhD seminar aims to examine how everyday practices, political processes and power relations produce places in the Global South. This seminar aims to bring together PhD students from various disciplines working on related themes.
    Keynote speakers: Ursula Rao, professor, Institute of Anthropology, Leipzig University & John Gledhill, professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. » Læs mere

  • 8. maj 2014, kl. 16:15-17:15

    On Dedications and Devils

    Sources and Guaman Poma’s Nueva Corónica or ‘Inca Chronicle’ 

    Presentation by Jesper Nielsen (ToRS, University of Copenhagen) Mettelise Fritz Hansen (Independent scholar)

    » Læs mere

  • 8. maj 2014, kl. 9:30

    Public Lectures on Place in the Global South

    Public lectures for all in auditorium 15A.2.13. Keynote speakers: John Gledhill, University of Manchester: The Place and Places of Indigenous Peoples in Latin American Societies: New Challenges, New Possibilities and Ursula Rao, Leipzig University: Local bodies in global cities.

    » Læs mere

  • 9. maj 2014, kl. 17:00

    PhD Thesis Defence: Jacob Ki Nielsen

    Public defence by Jacob Ki Nielsen: Fictions of Kinship: Representations of Multicultural Family-making in the South Korean Cine-and dramascape. Supervisor: Jørgen Delman » Læs mere

  • 12. maj 2014, kl. 10.00-12.00

    Asian Security Dynamics: Energy Vulnerabilities, Military Capabilities and New Structures of Decision Making

    Public guest lecture by Professor Michael Wesley organised in collaboration with the Australian Embassy. Michael Wesley is Professor of National Security and Director of the School of International, Political and Strategic Studies at the Australian National University. Kindly register by 9 May. » Læs mere

  • 12. maj 2014, kl. 15:00-17:00

    Performing Greece into Being: Appropriating Aeschylus' Persians for the Modern Nation

    Seminar with Professor Gonda Van Steen, University of Florida » Læs mere

  • 23. maj - 24. maj 2014


    Religionerne er forbundne med naturen på mangfoldige måder. Bjerge, floder, træer, ocean-er, sten, vejrfænomener og alt, hvad vi i øvrigt forbinder med ”natur” spiller en afgørende rolle i religiøse forestillinger og indgår i religiøse ritualer som formative elementer... » Læs mere

  • 27. maj - 28. maj 2014

    PhD Seminar: Ideology Post Cold War

    Leftism, Political Islam, Authoritarian Nationalism, and its Convergences/Divergences: the Future of Political Ideology in Indonesia and the Global South and its Regionalizations. Guest speakers: Professor Vedi Hadiz, Murdoch University, Perth and Dr. Carool Kersten, King's College, London. » Læs mere

  • 27. maj 2014, kl. 10:00-12:00

    Fieldwork in the Humanities

    Today’s theme: Ambivalent participation
    Presentation by Margit Petersen “Going to the Doctor with Enchantment in Mind- Reflections on the anthropology of moralities and the moralities of anthropology” » Læs mere

  • 27. maj 2014, kl. 3 pm-5 pm

    Inaugural Lecture: What do political philosophers think about, when they think about migration?

    In his inaugural lecture, Nils Holtug will pinpoint major trends in contemporary work on migration in political philosophy. The event is free and open for all interested. » Læs mere

  • 28. maj 2014, kl. 14:15-16:00

    Pre-defence seminar with Andreas Otte

    Pre-defence seminar with Andreas Otte: Popular Music from Greenland. Globalization, Nationalism and Place. Opponent, Randi Marselis, SDU. » Læs mere

  • 20. august - 22. august 2014

    22nd Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion 2014

    22nd Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion 2014 - Change and Continuity, State, Civil Society. » Læs mere

  • 22. oktober - 24. oktober 2014

    Intra-­Asian Connections: Interactions, flows, landscapes

    The 6th annual International ADI Conference spans three days and features distinguished keynote speakers as well as ten interdisciplinary panels emphasizing intra-Asian connections. » Læs mere

  • 28. oktober - 31. oktober 2014

    PhD Course and Research Workshop: PhD Course and Research Workshop Sustainable City Development: Theories, methods, challenges, and experiences in China and the Nordic countries

    The second Urban Governance for Sustainable Cities Network (UGN) research workshop will be held in Fudan Nordic Centre and Fudan University in Shanghai in October 2014. The reasearch workshop is combined with PhD training. It focuses on environmental and sustainable governance innovations in urban regions in China and the Nordic countries.The PhD course will provide excellent possibilities to develop PhD work in an international and multidisciplinary group. » Læs mere

  • 28. oktober - 31. oktober 2014

    Sustainable City Development: Theories, methods, challenges, and experiences in China and the Nordic countries

    Second Urban Governance for Sustainable Cities Network (UGN) research workshop combined with PhD training. The focus is on environmental and sustainable governance innovations in urban regions in China and the Nordic countries.

    » Læs mere

  • 21. november 2014, kl.

    Fieldwork. Design, Documentation and Analysis

    The seminars will focus on the design and planning of fieldwork, and we will also bring up the issue whether there are special characteristics for fieldwork in the humanities. » Læs mere