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“Food Matters: Cross-Cultural and Regional Perspectives” is a shared platform at which academics, policy makers, food entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in food/drink and culture meet to discuss and engage in research on current issues in food studies and food history. The premise of our platform is that both cultural and physiological factors interact as a single process to condition the perception and food choice by individuals, groups and societies. However, the search to discover more about the cultural perspective of our foodways has been lacking in priority. We thus invite you to our platform to pose vital questions and illuminate them with insights to cross-cultural data concerning how food is a cultural catalyst of identity constructions, social organization, social transformation, ideological structures, geopolitical competition and economic expansion. The challenge is to ask and discover from a variety of perspectives how and why food absolutely matters!               

Cynthia Chou, Associate Professor with Special Qualifications, (
Susanne Kerner, Associate Professor, (

Seed money for the establishment of the food project at the Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies is from KUFIR (Copenhagen University Research and Innovation).

Upcoming exhibition on 7. September 2017. Se more details under Projects.


The volume of the 2011 workshop has been published:

Commensality. From Everyday food to feasting. Edited by Susanne Kerner, Cýnthia Chou and Morten Warmind. Bloomsbury 2015.