Marie Elisabeth Berg Christensen

Marie Elisabeth Berg Christensen


I obtained my MA degree in Prehistoric Archeology with elective in Curating and Cultural Heritage form the University of Copenhagen in 2013. My Master’s thesis focused on the importance of prehistoric art in making archaeological cultural environments culturally visible in a cosmopolitan perspective. In 2018, I graduated with an MSc in Conservation and Restoration from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK).The purpose of the Master’s thesis from KADK was to articulate and clarify the complex issue concerning the increase in looting of cultural property in countries neighboring areas of armed conflict. The thesis was centered on a case study of two archaeological sites in Northern Jordan, Jerash, and Umm el-Jimal, and was based on an in depth analysis of the existing research on the subject as well as my own data gathered in Jordan.

Current research

Currently, I am employed as a PhD Fellow at the Department for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and the National Museum of Denmark, with my thesis focusing the new roles and challenges museums face in relation to security matters. The study will take politics and policies as well as practice into the analysis. Based on case studies, the project will present an overview of policy changes and a variety of strategies how to relate to and how to implement them.

The key area of interest in this research project are how the securitization of cultural heritage has drawn museums into work areas normally falling under defense and security. In addition, it is to understand the development of the museum's social, political and institutional identity, which has significance for the museums' legitimacy and the continued utilization of resources and opportunities (including policy development).

 The project is collaborating with Nordic Center for Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict (CHAC).

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