30. december 2014

NAVEIÑ REET: Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research, no. 5 2014. Special Issue on Law and Art (Vol. 1)

redigeret af Rubya Mehdi
Københavns Universitet, 2014

Introduction by Hanne Petersen and Rubya Mehdi
Capturing Obscenity: The Trials and Tribulations of Saadat Hasan Manto by Osama Siddique
Literary Lessons in Law: Legal Culture in a Changing Welfare State by Helle Blomquist
Lawyers in Opera: The Transformation of the Legal Profession by Inger Høedt-Rasmussen and Lise-Lotte Nielsen
Images of Justice: Contemporary Art in Retfærd. Nordic Journal of Law and Justice by Ole Hammerslev
Women Lawyers on TV – the British Experience by Peter Robson
Spatial Justice and Street Art by Peter Bengtsen & Matilda Arvidsson
Surface Patterns – Surface Law by Hanne Petersen
Romanticism in Law & Art. German Romanticism, Creativity, and European Legal Culture by Kjell Å Modéer
Book Review: Subversion and Sympathy – Gender, Law, and the British Novel by Marya Akhtar, Attorney-at-Law

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