26. marts 2012

Vladimir Sorokin’s Languages. Slavica Bergensia, volume 11

edited by Thomas A. Reuter and Alexander Horstmann
Brill, 2013

Since coming to the attention of a broader Russian public after the pro-Putin youth movement Walking Together stirred up a storm over Blue Lard in 2002, Vladimir Sorokin has indisputably become one of the most prominent and prolific writers in contemporary Russia, and remains surrounded by an aura of political dissent.

The first book in English dedicated to Sorokin’s œuvre, this volume discusses language as the main focal point of his writing. The contributions focus on the multifaceted dimensions of language(s) and metalanguage(s) in Sorokin’s works, including archaisms and neologisms, foreign terms or intercultural stereotypes, colloquial and vulgar language, metadiscursive distance and the materialization of metaphors. The volume also includes a roundtable discussion on translation, in which Sorokin himself takes part. Read more.