15. januar 2017

Contested Memories and the Demands of the Past - History Cultures in the Modern Muslim World

Edited by Catharina Raudvere
Palgrave MacMillan, 2017

  • Applies a fresh interdisciplinary approach (historical and political) to cultural memory
  • Spans a broad geographical focus, covering narratives and practices in Central Asia, North Africa, Turkey and the South East Europe countries with high Muslim concentrations
  • Fills a gap in the field by focusing on regions that have been understudied in memory studies

This book brings together new perspectives on collective memory in the modern Muslim world. It discusses how memory cultures are established and used at  national levels – in official history writing, through the erection of monuments,  the fashioning of educational curricula and through media strategies – as well  as in the interface with both artistic expressions and popular culture in the  Muslim world at large. The representations of collective memory have been one  of the foremost tools in national identity politics, grass-root mobilization,  theological debates over Islam and general discussions on what constitutes  ‘the modern in the Middle East’ as well as in Muslim diaspora environments.  Few, if any, contemporary conflicts in the region can be understood in depth  without a certain focus on various uses of history, memory cultures and  religious meta-narratives at all societal levels, and in art and literature. This  book will be of use to students and scholars in the fields of Identity Politics,  Islamic Studies, Media and Cultural Anthropology.

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