Anne Jörgensen Lindahl

Anne Jörgensen Lindahl

Indskrevet ph.d.-studerende, Ekstern forsker

In 2014 I obtained my BA in Scandinavian prehistory from the University of Lund, Sweden, and graduated from Leiden University with a Master degree focused on Palaeolithic Europe and micro-wear analysis of flint artefacts in 2017.

Since 2012 I have participated in annual research excavations on Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites in Israel. I have also worked on Middle Palaeolithic sites in France and Spain, and in commercial/rescue archaeology in Denmark, England and Norway. 

I am currently working as a PhD fellow at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the Centre for the Study of Early Agricultural Societies (CSEAS). I am a member of the Changing Foodways in Prehistoric southwest Asia project funded by the Frie Forskningsråd Kultur og Kommunikation. My research focuses on functional analysis of the chipped stone assemblages from Shubayqa 1 (Natufian) and Shubayqa 6 (PPNA), Jordan. The main objective of my research is to try and understand the role of the chipped stone tools in terms of food procurement, processing and disposal. In order to obtain as accurate and holistic interpretation of the assemblages as possible, I will combine micro-wear analysis with laser confocal microscopy and residue analysis.

ID: 203153388