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Elizabeth Lane Williams-Oerberg

Elizabeth Lane Williams-Oerberg


Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg is currently a Postdoc scholar and the Co-director of the newly established Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. She has received funding for her Postdoc research from the Carlsberg Foundation and from the Danish Research Council and is part of a collaborative research project led by Trine Brox on “Buddhism, Business and Believers”. Her current research project is on spiritual tourism and the branding of Buddhism in Ladakh, India. She has a PhD in Anthropology from Aarhus University where, as part of a larger research project on ‘Buddhism and Modernity’, she wrote her PhD thesis Young Buddhism: Examining Ladakhi Buddhist Youth Engagements with Migration, Modernity and Morality in India, highlighting the particularly prominent role that youth play in forwarding contemporary transformations of Buddhism. 

ID: 143258642