28. november 2014

A Handlist of the Manuscripts in the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Volume Two. The Arabic Materials of the Ethiopian Islamic Tradition

by Alessandro Gori, Anne Regourd, Jeremy R. Brown & Steve Delamarter
Pickwick Publications, November 2014

Ethiopian Manuscripts, Texts and Studies Series Volume 20. By Alessandro Gori, with contributions from Anne Regourd, Jeremy R. Brown, Steve Delamarter, and a foreword by Demeke Berhane.

This book provides a handlist of the Islamic codices hosted in the library of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Theirs is one of the most important collections of Islamic manuscripts in the horn of Africa. Almost totally unexplored, the collection contains many valuable examples of the rich and variegated manuscript tradition of the Ethiopian Muslims. Each entry describes the main physical features and the most important texts contained in the codex. The catalogue includes a detailed analysis of a selection of watermarked papers and bindings--richly illustrated with pictures from the manuscripts. An extensive appendix contains over eighty plates of paleographical samples of dated manuscripts. Several indices (titles of the works, personal and place names, etc.) facilitate the usage of the handlist for further research.