15. december 2014

New book: Mesoamerican Writing Systems

edited by Christophe Helmke & Jarosław Źrałka
Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University & Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cracow, 2014

Contributions in New World Archaeology, Vol. 7

Agnieszka Hamann: Why is it so difficult to understand the language of a culture that is gone? The challenges of Maya decipherment in cognitive linguistic perspective
Harri Kettunen: Corpus epigraphy: Linguistic implications and didactic applications
Katarzyna Mikulska: On numbers, tables and calendars: When writing appeared
Christophe Helmke and Jesper Nielsen: If mountains could speak: Ancient toponyms recorded at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Jesper Nielsen and Christophe Helmke: House of the Serpent Mat, House of Fire: The names of buildings in Teotihuacan writing
Ángel Iván Rivera Guzmán: Hablando sobre los ancestros: una mandíbula humana con grabados de estilo ñuiñe
Jerome A. Offner: Why the Mapa de Metlatoyuca is not the Map of Metlatoyuca: It is the Mapa de Taxco (Tlachco), Municipio Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla, Mexico
Justyna Olko: Alphabetic writing in the hands of the colonial Nahua nobility
Victoriano de la Cruz: La escritura náhuatl y los procesos de su revitalización

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