Summary report on urban energy planning: Potentials and barriers in six European medium-sized cities. [Deliverable 4.4]

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Based on the case study (Deliverables 4.2) as well as the thematic (Deliverable 4.3) work, a list of 29 spatial planning measures and policies was elaborated. The measures can increase energy efficiency, reduce energy use or increasing the share of renewable energy in a city.

In the main part of this report we analyse the application of these measures in
each of the six PLEEC cities and suggest which areas the cities’ could work further on. In the final section of this report we draw some general conclusions based on WP4 work. We state four general questions (and some remarks to it) which cities should take into consideration when working on their Energy Efficiency Action Plans:
(1) How can spatial planning reduce energy use in our cities?
(2) How do different geographical, regional, cultural or political contexts influence options?
(3) How can we measure and monitor its effects?
(4) What is the scope of municipal action?
ForlagEU-FP7 project PLEEC
Antal sider54
StatusUdgivet - 2015
NavnPLEEC Report

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